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Testimony: For God's love, My life Is Limitless in spite of Upper Body Paralysis

Testimony: For God's love, My life Is Limitless in spite of Upper Body Paralysis

Zhang Jun gave his testimony in a church. Zhang Jun gave his testimony in a church. (Provided by Jacob Zhao )
ByCCD contributor: Jacob Zhao July 18, 2019
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My name is Zhang Jun and I used to be a first-class stunt performer, second-class martial arts athlete and special starring guest of artistic performance. I grew up in a small village in Liangshan, Shandong Province. In order to be able to get myself out of the countryside and let my parents live better, and of course for my martial arts dream, I went away from home to perform in nightclubs to make money. To make my shows more attractive and valuable, I tried compulsorily to integrate the most dangerous movie stunts (such as high-altitude jumping) into my shows with protective measures involving just some empty cardboard boxes, and I eventually paid enormously for my deeds.

Five years ago, aged 33, I had an accident in a performance, a neck vertebra got seriously injured and caused compression to the central nervous system, leading to paralysis. Even my trachea was also affected because my breathing function was very poor, so I could only depend on a ventilator instead of normal breathing. The lungs were also infected. Hospital experts pronounced a "death sentence" on my life and said I could only live for three months. My parents hoped for a miracle in my body and sent me to different hospitals several times. The result was always the same, "sentenced to death" by experts. I lost all hope. I was full of desperation and fear. I did not want to die so young. All my life's dreams were instantly shattered. At that time, I was deeply trapped in frightful desperation.

I am thankful that in the darkest days of my life, I got to know some sincere loving messengers who helped me by giving me psychological counseling and company, to let my inner life stand up first! As a song goes "We go together on this road, on this road we suffer together, on this road we must not look back...". It is this song that inspired my heart and let me know that when people are in trouble, when your eyes turn from suffering to God, you have hope for light, God's love can give birth to inner strength, and raise your life high to the sky.

A joyous heart is a healing medicine; at that time, I began to use singing to exercise my lung capacity. Gradually my mood had been greatly improved. There was the power of love in me again. Every day I was living in the company of love and my whole being started to become particularly happy.

My life is no more limited. I have started trying to hold pens with my mouth to write songs, and also try to go outside to do inspirational speech. In order to constantly challenge all kinds of impossibilities, I also want to try operating electric wheel chairs using my mouth. For making my life more exciting, I will rely on God, and constantly challenge my life. Although I lost the stage singing opportunities, I firmly believe that my gold will shine. In the near future I will certainly find a larger stage that belongs to me. God will let me be on stage to speak of a wonderful life, hoping that through my speech more people can be inspired.

- Translated by Charlie Li



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