Christian Actress Gives Birth to Her Third Child, Believing More in God's Creation

A picture of Hong Kong Christian actress Linda Chung Ka Yan holding a baby
A picture of Hong Kong Christian actress Linda Chung Ka Yan holding a baby (photo: Linda Chung Ka Yan)
By Bian YaminMarch 14th, 2023

A Hong Kong Christian actress shared her experience of having her third child to ease the fears of many mothers.

Linda Chung Ka Yan is a singer and actress in Hong Kong. On October 27, 2022, she announced the birth of her third child, Anika. She gave birth while sitting in her bathtub at home instead of going to the hospital.

Linda, who was born and now lives in Canada, posted an article on March 9 (March 8 in Canada), sharing her experience to reduce the fears of many mothers.

The following is her post:

I grew up surrounded by movies and ideas about how dangerous, scary, and unbearable it was to have a baby. There have been more negative views on fertility than positive ones in my heart.

Before having a child of my own, I thought that to give birth to a child, a woman must be in a cold and white hospital, surrounded by equipment, tubes, and machines. We, women, can’t move, only waiting to be told what to do. We have to wait and will experience a lot of pain. What’s more, some interventions may also need to be made before the baby comes out. However, it was not so scary when I experienced it by myself. It’s natural for women to give birth to babies.

I find today’s modern world a place where technology, marketing, and personal income have dominated. We lost connection with our own bodies as well as ourselves, and we have adapted to rely on things to relax and help us. However, I want to remind mothers not to lose the power God has given us.

This experience of giving birth to a child strengthened me a lot, took me back to my nature, and made me believe in myself and God’s creation.

No matter where you choose to give birth, in a hospital, at home, or wherever possible, I pray that all mothers believe in themselves, let go of all fears, and let their bodies do their jobs. Cherish this journey, which will be one of the most meaningful events in their lives. There may be ups and downs, but that’s okay.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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