Testiimony of Former 20-Year Drug Addict

Deng Xiaochun, who was once a drug addict for 20 years, played a guitar in a church at an unknown date.
Deng Xiaochun, who was once a drug addict for 20 years, played a guitar in a church at an unknown date. (photo:Pastor Zhu Faming)

Deng Xiaochun, a 20-year former drug addict, was once on the verge of death by drugs. After treatment at the Christian Drug Rehabilitation Center under the Baoshan Christian Council, he repented and became a believer.

Nankang Chapel in Beihai City is a township church with a history of more than 100 years. It was founded in 1907 by a German pastor whose Chinese name was Ba Gude. The church not only holds weekly worship activities but also sends pastors to the countryside for visits and preaching, with Germans in charge. Deng Xiaochun gathered with others in this church.

Below is the testimony of Brother Deng Xiaochun in the first-person narrative.

I live in Nankang Town, Tieshan Port, Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. I used to be a drug addict for nearly 20 years. Since the beginning of 1994, I had been enticed by my "friends" into thinking that drugs would provide me with whatever I desired, in addition to satisfying my curiosity. I gradually became addicted to just one or two puffs and eventually fell into the abyss of drug addiction. In order to sustain my drug habit, I resorted to committing evil deeds. Though the police forced me to quit drugs three times, I was unable to stop completely due to the seduction and temptation of other drug addicts.

My addiction not only caused me to harm myself but also inflicted pain on my family, relatives, and friends. My wife and children abandoned me, and even my parents cursed me. Therefore, I was ostracized by everyone around me.

I am grateful to the Lord for revealing the gospel to me through His servant. When I first came to the church and heard the kind words, "Jesus loves you, and we love you too," I couldn't help but cry tears of regret because I had not heard the word "love" since the beginning of my drug use. Everyone around me, including my parents, shunned me.

Later, I went to Baoshan, a city located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, to receive gospel-centered drug rehabilitation. I underwent physical and psychological treatments and used the Bible, prayer, and praise to help me overcome my drug addiction, which medication alone could not accomplish. Every day, I immersed myself in God's words and underwent a transformation.

After overcoming my addiction, God gave me a mission: to spread the gospel to those who are still in darkness, so that more people can be saved by Him.

I then attended a theological college and studied theology for three years. Later, I began preaching on Sundays and engaging in worship and praise ministry. Currently, I am working as a security guard in Beibu Gulf, Guangxi, to testify to the power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ before the secular world. Every day, I set aside time to study God's words, read the Bible, practice spirituality, pray, and praise, so that my daily life is enriched.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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