Eastern Xiamen Christian Church Cornerstone Laying Ceremony Held

Cornerstone Laying Ceremony
1/2Cornerstone Laying Ceremony(photo: Xiamen CCCTSPM)
Cornerstone Laying Ceremony
2/2Cornerstone Laying Ceremony(photo: Xiamen CCCTSPM)
By Issachar LiApril 6th, 2016

On March 19th,2016,the Eastern Xiamen Christian Church held its cornerstone laying ceremony, with the attendance of  priests and believers from all parts of Xiamen. It is the first christian church in eastern Xiamen where more than ten thousand Christians are there.

 As the reference, Xiamen is an island city. Its eastern part has been developing in recent years. With the development of its economy, the number of christians increases and up to now has been over ten thousand accoding to the latest statistics.

By now there was no church in eastern Xiamen so this one is going to be the first. Earlier at 2007,TSPM/CCCof Xiamen set out to apply for building the church. After four times of site selection, it was finally approved to construct the church along Lulinglu Road.

Translated by: Renaissa 

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