Ningxia Xixia Church Will Purchase House for New Gathering

A believer donates for the purchasing of a new building
A believer donates for the purchasing of a new building (photo: Rev. Fang )
By Grace ZhiJune 20th, 2016

Christianity was preached into Ningxia in 1879 and Xixia Church - located in Yinchuan was founded in 1998 - is the center of Christianity in Ningxia Province.

Currently, the church is collecting funds to purchase a new three-storey building that would allow them to host larger gatherings.

Rev. Fang Hejun, the senior pastor, tells CCD the reason that the church wants to establish a new gathering area is because it is more convenient for the senior believers to participate in church activity, and ensure that they can monitor the movements of cults like Eastern Lightning and Mentuhui who are trying to hook believers in their cult throughout Ningxia.

He also stated that the building to be bought for the Church has a construction area of more than 600 square meters. Currently, the church has managed to raise up to two thirds of their target  fund (3.63 million yuan)and there is still one third gap.

The raised fundings consist of the church's deposit, donations from members and loans ranging from five thousand to tens of thousands yuan from members.

Rev. Fang also leads the congregation to pray for the completion of the purchase for one hour every morning and after Sunday services. The church has over 400 believers and 20 gatherings with one pastor and one seminary graduate in service. Another seminarian will be back to join the service soon to cater to more believers.

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