Shaanxi Bible College Raises Fund For New Campus Construction

The old Bible College of Shaanxi
The old Bible College of Shaanxi (photo: Shanxi CCC&TSPM)
By Zoey Zhang August 18th, 2016

Last weekend, Shaanxi Bible College was raising funds for the third quarter of the new campus construction.

The school leader claimed that the preliminary project is proceeding with the project proposal targets and reported on the feasibility, assessment for energy conservation, environment and social stability risk completed, as it is quoted by the provincial CCC&TSPM. The related material is under approval.    

The college is founded and administrated by the Shaanxi CC&TSPM, aimed at training talents for churches. Its predecessor, Shaanxi Christian Pastoral Volunteer Training Program, was founded in 1983 and then it was officially founded in 1988. Currently, the college sits in the Yanta District of Xi'an. 

The previous CCD interview shows that the old campus covers less than 9 mu(1mu=1/6 acre) while the new one  21.7mu with teaching buildings, apartment blocks, and a library in the plan. The total construction area will reach about 2,000 square meters. The classes will add up to 8 sections and enrollment can expand from 100 to 300 students after the completion of the construction. 

This January, the provincial CCC&TSPM decided that the weekends in the second week of every season or quarter would be donation day for the new construction, as a calling to donations from committee members, pastoral staff, and believers. 

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