Zhenjiang Baoyan Church Dedicated in Jiangsu, Jinjiang Church Celebrated 10th Anniversary

Christian Church of Zhenjiang Celebrates 10th Anniv
Christian Church of Zhenjiang Celebrates 10th Anniv
By Cindy ZhangOctober 27th, 2016

Zhenjiang Baoyan Church in Jiangsu held the dedication ceremony on Oct  24th.

 According to Zhenjiang Christian, the dedication worship was host by Pastor Hang Meihua, and Pastor Ding Jianjun did a sermon. Brothers and sisters around Zhenjiang, about 800 people attended the ceremony.

Elder Li Peisheng of Baoyan Church reviewed the development of Baoyan Church in the last speech. Starting from gatherings at home to a 0.86 acre dilapidated building, then to this church today, "all the ups and downs along the way, from application to construction, it is as hard as can be, but despite those difficulties, we still thank God for his grace!"

Jinjiang Church celebrated its 10th anniversary on Friday, Oct 21. The ceremony was held in the morning, and the afternoon was left for brothers and sisters to express their awe and joy toward God through music and dancing.

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