Kunming Church Holds Exchange Activity for Single Believers

Single attend the activity
Single attend the activity (photo: Kunming Trinity International Church )
By Yi YangNovember 17th, 2016

A few days ago, the marriage & family ministry of Kunming Trinity International Church conducted a large-scale exchange activity for the single with the theme of "When love knocks on the door."

According to the WeChat public account of the church, the activity was held at Crescent Pond Park. A total of more than 100 people, divided into 10 groups, participated in the activity. Each group member recalled their memories before the age of 10 and listened to each other. Besides, there was a knowledge quiz about the Bible.

Upon the completion of the tasks in the park, the group members moved to the roof of the fifth floor of Beichen Church to worship. Subsequently, Preacher Guo Shuguang shared "Are you tempted ? "

The preacher quoted Song of Songs 5:1-4 as saying, telling the single, "Open your heart, do not keep your lover out of the door. When love comes to knock on the door, just open the heart. Sleeping while the heart is awake suggests that you have the sincerest attitude. We should have a positive attitude in love, and have such an attitude towards the people around you. Lay aside concerns and pride. Do not miss the one who you love and loves you. Be sincere when knocking at the door without any hypocrisy."

After lunch, preacher Mu Zaiyun led the worship. When the worship ended, they moved to the next task "looking for your partner." In each corner, there were large numbers of little scripts hidden by the pastor long ago, on which incomplete scriptures were written. Then the scripture's previous sentence or its next sentence was required to find out by believers, the group that had the most successful pairing won the match.

According to the official website, the fellowship of Song of Solomon was established in 2008. Trinity International Chapel have numerous believers, who go their own ways after the worship. Some believers are single or divorced, and want to know the brothers and sisters in Christ, but there is no platform.

Following a teacher's suggestion, the Fellowship of Song of Solomon was established. Following the principle of "training yourself and preparing yourself to become a partner suitable for others", the Fellowship dedicated to using the the God's truth to teach the knowledge of marital relationship, so as to equip the singles and lovers who have not been married, and to counsel the Christians who encounter difficulties in marriage, enabling the brothers and sisters to glorify the God in their marriages. Now, some members of the Fellowship of Song of Solomon are there to find true love, some to train themselves and some to find their partners. However, after a period of study and training, they feel that to train their own lives is more important than looking for a partner.

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