Beijing Fengtai Christian Church Holds Activities to Commemorate Ten Year Anniversary

The ten volunteers with Rev. Zhang Yanqin, the senior pastor
1/2The ten volunteers with Rev. Zhang Yanqin, the senior pastor (photo: Beijing CCC & TSPM)
An overview of Beijing Fengtai Christian Church
2/2An overview of Beijing Fengtai Christian Church(photo: Dongyi)
By Jotham Dai November 30th, 2016

2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of Founding for Beijing Christian Fengtai Church. Started celebrating since mid-November, Fengtai Church held a series of themed events to review her ten-year history.

On the evening of Nov 27th, Fengtai Church held an evening of celebration named "Everything in God's Hands."  Before that, on Nov 15th, Fengtai District United Front Work Dept., the district Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, and the district Painting and Calligraphy Association co-hosted with Fengtai Church the event "Write Ten Years of God's Grace and Paint God's Amazing Creation" with a painting and calligraphy exhibition at Fengtai Church.  Chinese ink painting and Chinese shufa (artisitic calligraphy) both highlight God's amazing creation and reflect the ideas of Chinese Christianity.  On the afternoon of Nov 13th, Fengtai also held a fellowship praise meeting with a testimony sharing meeting named "Grateful Ten Years" and an award ceremony that evening.

During the fellowship praise meeting of the 13th, 28 fellowships of Fengtai Church each contributed to the program.  The forms of the praise were choir song by both Chinese and English choirs, medleys, group dancing, solo dancing, religious plays, sacred music, expressive reading, and clapper talk.


The close-up shot of cross of Fengtai Christian Church.(Photo by: Dongyi)
The close-up shot of cross of Fengtai Christian Church.(Photo by: Dongyi)


Also according to Beijing CCC&TSPM website, with the recommendation of Fengtai Church Committee, ten volunteers and ten households were recognized as serving models at the ceremony.  Since the dedication of the church, there have been people coming to the church before dawn every day to lead morning prayers.  Some acted as marriage counselors for Fengtai church, and counseled more than 400 couple getting married in the church.  There were also leaders for the disabled fellowship, despite being paraplegics, they help and comfort others who need help.  The purpose of carrying out such activities is to encourage more believers to serve in the church. Just as Pastor Zhang Yanqin, Director of Fengtai Church, said, "Everybody has a job, and there is a person for every job."

Translated By: Grace Hubl

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