Beijing Gangwashi Church Starts Distributing Christmas Donations

The church staff distributes the funds to some aged believers
2/2The church staff distributes the funds to some aged believers(photo: Gangwashi Church)
By Jotham Dai December 1st, 2016

Recently, Beijing Christian Gangwashi Church started the Christmas donation drive "Loving Donation." They will send the donated money and goods to 89 brothers and sisters, one after another.

It was learned that on the morning of Nov 9th, Pastor Du Fengying of Gangwashi Church, two preachers, and the sisters of the visitation group held a communication meeting with 14 senior brothers and sisters who needed help. They will also deliver the first batch of donation money and goods from "Loving Donation" to the seniors,

The "Loving Donation" is a traditional charity donation program of the church. In the past, it was set up mainly for brothers and sisters who live in poverty. Starting this year, it was extended to help people who had lost their only child and empty nest elderly.

In Sep 2016, Gangwashi Church specifically donated 500,000 CNY through "Loving Donation." They actively participated in the "Light and Salt" campaign co-hosted by Beijing Christian Church for caring and helping the empty nest elderly who had lost their only child. 

Translated By: Grace Hubl



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