Rural Church Pastor's Dilemma: Leaving the Church Or Not?

By CCD contributor: Wen Yi December 20th, 2016

Following topics are the great concern of the church: How should Christians face the pressure and challenge of our society? How should Christians express love? How can pastors balance the family and ministry?

Currently, rural house churches are faced with a serious situation. Many villagers choose to work in the city so the number of Christians also gets smaller.

The church leaders can't change the situation. They have to conform to the trend and make a living in the city. Those at home are busy with housework and have no time for the church. The rural church is going to decline.

At first, Brother Yang was determined to lead the church with other brothers and sisters. He was not defeated by the declination of the church and believed that the rural church had much potential. He was convinced that the church would revive with the gift and resources of God.

In his early age, he was determined to serve God for his whole lifetime. He preached the gospel in many churches. He was famous for his good evangelism.  Usually, it took several days for him to preach outside his hometown. Every time he got back, he would have communication with Brother Wang.

Brother Yang has great respect for brother Wang and thought of him as the elder of the church. Brother Wang also cared about him a lot, asking Yang a lot of questions ranging from family economy, children's education and relationship between the couple. Yang was very grateful. He always said everything was OK due to God's love. When Yang switched the topic to the church, Wang would avoid talking about the topic.

Yang always talks about the administrative management of the church. He suggested a reform in the church to solve all kinds of problems. In Yang's opinion, the building of the church, the training of youth, the practice of choirs and the economic management are all key matters in the church. However, Wang just yawned and said: " Your speech is good. However, we could do nothing to change the situation. It's late in the evening, you should go back to sleep."

Brother Wang often displayed some impatience when Yang talks about these problems. He said: "Brother, you are very enthusiastic. However, your family is also important. The Bible says that we should take care of the family before serving the church. There is nothing to do in the church. You might go out to work and feed your family."

Wang has said such words for several times. Yang always felt awful when he came back. He would sleep in bed for a couple of days. He was so depressed that he couldn't change the dark situation of the church. He tried to forget Wang's words by sleeping.

Yang thought of the Old Testament. The Israel should have been God's children. However, they vanished because they didn't worship God. Why didn't they know God? They don't have true knowledge. The Levites didn't teach them because they were busy making a living outside.

In a word, they didn't serve God and treat each other according to the regulations of the Bible. Why was the church in the middle ages so dark? Why was the religious reform unsuccessful before 1517? People at that time didn't feel that they need reform even though they were in dark times. The church leaders didn't see through the problems of the church.

It is also the case of today's church. Common believers hadn't felt the spiritual crisis and the isolation of the church. The church leaders haven't taken correct steps to deal with the impact of social changes.

In short, the crux of nowadays church is that believers don't cry and leaders have no vision. Then is fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet, saying, "Not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord."

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