Wenzhou Church Launches Special Activity for its 150th Anniversary

Huayuanxiang Church
Huayuanxiang Church (photo: Wechat account: Search Missionaries )
By Grace ZhiMarch 8th, 2017

2017 marks the 150th founding anniversary of the Huayuanxiang Church of Wenzhou in Southern Zhejiang. In light of this momentous occassion, the church recently launched an activity entitled "Pass on the History and Carry on the Mission" for its parishioners.

Huayuanxiang Church of Wenzhou was founded by George Stott, a one-legged British missionary, and the China Inland Mission in 1877.  It was the first church in Wenzhou, as well as the first meeting place for Christians in Southern Zhejiang.

The activity is divided into two parts:

"Pass on the History" is done in two ways: by passing on and reviewing the church's history.  The first part is done through performances such as church-related historical plays, the creation of an official and limited anniversary edition of the church's history book, an online series depicting several events in the church history and many others. The second part is done through exhibitions featuring a collection of artifacts from households and sharing testimonies of faith.

"Carry on the Mission" is also done in two ways; knowledge and response.  The church is arranging classes to interpret George Stott's biography and mission and the mission of the China Inland Mission, to learn the belief and the Bible teachings that drove pioneers of the Wenzhou Church to develop the church and learn the history, culture and the team behind the Church. The focus of this year's worship will be inheritance, and building the "Mission Ecological Advocacy Center of George Stott" and the "Disciple School of George Stott." (Acknowledge Sunday Discipleship)

The church will also host a thanksgiving revival meeting and a large scle choir praise rally throughout the year for the anniversary. celebrations

Translated by: Grace Hubl



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