Christians Fulfill Huang Kuo Lun’s Dream, But Few Concern Preachers in Remote Areas

The audiences attended Huang Guolun's concert on Sep 23, 2017.
The audiences attended Huang Guolun's concert on Sep 23, 2017.
By Lucien HuOctober 17th, 2017

Huang Kuo lun said in "I Am Speaker," a Chinese reality show, that he wrote "I'm Willing" for God. Many knew that he is a Christian. Some see him not as a singer, but a composer. Shortly afterward, news went out that Huang would hold the "All Things Are Possible" concert in the National Stadium (or Bird's Nest). Huang, not a singer, hosted an all-star concert indirectly in the name of the Christian faith and dream.

However, the advertisements published by some platforms and businesses made people regard it as a revival that would share the gospel and witness for the Lord. In addition, a number of pastors called on the attention and participation of Christians and released information on tickets on their personal WeChat pages, misleading believers.

Christians from Anhui and Shanghai bought tickets that each cost 1,680 yuan and took high-speed trains to attend the concert. One church rented a few charter buses and drove over 100 members to hear the so-called revival.

Since faith is powerful and truth is plain, it is unnecessary to preach the gospel through the mouths of celebrities and people in high places. Maybe many people focused on the idea that a Christian gave a concert in the Bird's Nest rather than his works or spirituality. It is important to ask what significant effect the concert had on evangelism and witnessing the gospel. Had anyone heard any gospel song or God's word? Christian's should not deceive themselves.

Actually, they should become more hungry for God's word and serve local churches, not pursue glamorous things. How many local churches need attention and help? How many preachers need support and financial aid? Where are the hearts of Christians? Are they in things that glorify the self -- like attending Huang's concert at the Bird's Nest?

1,680 yuan is not a big deal to many people, but the money can be given for the living expenses of preachers in local churches, particularly in mountainous regions, for two or three months. A preacher needs to support his family yet unpaid by the church. He has to find time to work at a construction site. One may ask why the local church doesn't pay him. Because many believers would rather spend 1,680 yuan to help a singer realize his dream than support preachers who declare the gospel for them. They take their sermons and efforts for granted, saying that preachers should live by faith and can receive many donations from preaching.

What hurts the most was that the preacher had only 100 yuan when he was invited to give sermons in another church and asked the church whether it could pay the round-trip transportation. The church only covered his traveling expense.
Where are Christian's hearts? There are few donations from believers in mountainous areas, but why don't urban Christians have the burden to help preachers like him?

Christians need to be vigilant and have discernment without losing common sense. Pastors need to rethink their nurturing. They should be accountable to believers and lead the congregation with truth more rationally. And Christians who bought concert tickets at a high price could ponder over what kind of worship God favors. Does holding a concert at the Bird's Nest give glory to God?

God's love exists in leper colonies, gospel addiction treatment centers, AIDS caring ministries, orphanages, and distant mountainous churches ... God's love is like the sun, shining upon everyone.

Huang said that his dream was to perform a concert at the Bird's Nest. He didn't claim it as a revival. A large percentage of Christians treated his concert as a witness of Christian faith just because he is a Christian and the concert was held at the National Stadium. This may result in an impression that a celebrity can appeal to lots of Christians to go wild for him or her under the guise of religion.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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