Guangdong Christian Shamian Church to Mark the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Church Founding

Church Choir
Church Choir
By Yang YiOctober 7th, 2015

2015 has been the 150th year since Guangdong Christian Shamian Church was founded. The church will hold a series of celebration activities to mark the 150th anniversary of  church founding.

Shamian Church was built in 1865 and it was a church set for foreigners in the British concession of Shamian in Guangzhou by British Anglican, managed by Hongkong and Guangdong parish. The British pastor gave the sermon in English all the time. After World War II, Chinese government recovered this concession and this church was transferred to be in charge of the Anglican Parish of Southern China. After 1949, it was occupied by the government and China Christian Council took it back in 1980. In 1991 it reheld religional activities, called Shamian Church.

According to Shamian Church, it will hold the Revival Meetings at 7:30pm on Oct. 16, 9:30am and 7:30pm on Oct.17. Doctor Weiguang Xie, Canadian scientist and pastor, will be the guest speaker. 

At 9:30am, Oct. 18, Shamian Church will hold the 150th Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship of Church Founding and Dr. Paul Kwong, the archbishop of Hongkong, will be the guest speaker. At 7:30pm, Oct. 18, the church will have the 150th Anniversary Thanksgiving Praise Meeting of Founding and the church music ministry will offer the praises and songs.

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