Beijing Christian Yanqing Church Holds Autmn Harvest Thanksgiving Worship

Yanqing Church
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The Ceremony
2/2The Ceremony
By Mubo LiOctober 14th, 2015

On Oct. 11, Beijing Christian Yanqing Church held the Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving Service and Christians took their firstfruits as sacrificre to the church for thanksgiving. Besides the harvest of crops, Yanqing Church reaped seven disciples.

According to Beijing Congwenmen Church, over 400 students attended the activity and Pastor Liu Cuimin gave a sermon in the title "Harvest". Yanqing Church is located in outer suburb of Beijng, and the Christians make a living by farms. Through sacrifice they express their joy of harvest and gave thanks to God.

Besides the agricultural products, Yanqing Church reaped seven disciples, who passed the one-year disciple training course. Pastor Liu issued course-completion certificates to the seven students and gave them the sending manner. From 2012, Yanqing Church began the disciple training ministry and there are no more than ten people every term. Until 2015, twenty-nine Christians have completed the course.

Besides sacrificing corns, pumpkins and grapes to give thanks to God, brothers and sisters praised God for his grace. The service ended in the pastor's blessing.

According to Beijing CCC&TSPM, Yanqing Church is located in the southeast corner of Yanqing District, Beijing, 13 kilometers north of the Badaling Great Wall, a symbolic, modern building imitating building in the north coast of Guihe.

Yanqing Church was completed in Octorber, 2005 and put to use on Dec. 21, 2007. It has an total area of 2398.1 square meters and holds around 1000 people.

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