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Shandong Deaf Christian Self-Develop Sign Language MV

Shandong Deaf Christian Self-Develop Sign Language MV

Sign Language Video Sign Language Video
ByLi Mubo December 06, 2015
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A few days ago, a song and the MV (music video) created by some deaf believers attracted many Christians' view. 

The Video "The Gospel" is written by Sister Qiao, who is deaf and from the sign language church of living water of Yantai, Shandong Province. The church has no media ministry and the deaf friends film a special kind of "singing" in sign language to express the MV. 

The MV from beginning to end has no voice, but because of the infectious sign "sing," moving heartstrings. Especially with the singer's tears "singing" to the emotional department.  

The MV's background is the map of China. According to the latest national census statistics, there are about 20.75 million people are affected with hearing loss, such as weak listening to deaf and hard of hearing, aging. This accounts for 1.67% of China's total population and about 800,000 are children under the age of seven. This is a reminder that the church needs to be focused on China's deaf community. At the same time, the MV shows the deaf's responsibilities for China's soul. 

Finally, the MV ends with the scripture of Rev 22:17, " 'Come!' And let him who is thirsty come; And whoever will, let him take the water of life freely." It really expresses the deaf friends' spiritual thirst and need of living water, calling for the love of God. 

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