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44 People Baptized in Shenyang Shashan Church

44 People Baptized in Shenyang Shashan Church

Shenyang Shashan Church Shenyang Shashan Church
ByLi Mubo December 10, 2015
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Shenyang Shashan church held two baptism services on Nov. 28 and 29. 44 seekers were baptized.

Shashan Church website reports that there are five requirements for believers who receive baptism assigned by Rev. Quan Xuezai, the senior pastor: attending Sunday service, living fellowship life, taking part in serving, observing tithing and preaching the gospel.

Before the baptism service, they joined in the healing meeting. The pastoral staff held the Feet-washing service service(foot-washing) for the new members and some moved to tears.

On Nov. 29, the new baptized believers took the bread and wine in the communion service the first time.

The staff who serve in the feet-washing service and communion come from the New Family Fellowship of Shashan Church, which is founded in 2003 and aims at serving new believers. 

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