Maturity of My Christian Life in Shanghai by Liao Zhi, Survivor of Wenchuan Earthquake

Liao Zhi
Liao Zhi
By Li MuboDecember 9th, 2015

Liao Zhi, a 30-year-old dancer, who lost both her legs and daughter in the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake but still insists on dancing, recalled her three-year life in Shanghai on her blog on Nov. 30. She thanked the Christian fellowship "Enguang" she spent years with in Chongqing, claiming that she has started to serve others instead of being served.

Liao Zhi said it seemed she was brought to Shanghai from Chongqing because of her marriage (she was remarried in 2013 with a Shanghai man) but it was actually God's work.

It was in 2013 when Liao Zhi met her husband. She then chose to leave Chongqing and the beloved fellowship "Enguang" which she called "home". Liao said during the past two years, the believers in the fellowship gathered to worship God and had close relationships with each other which was a beautiful memory for her.

She claimed she experienced deeper faith in Shanghai. In the past she thought churches were a group of people who pursued holiness and peace, as lights shining towards the outer world. However, being in Shanghai, she came to realize that churches are where sinners who know they are sinners gather together, hugging and growing with each other The fight against sin will last a lifetime. Fighting against explicit sin comes first, then the sin inside will be lightened.

When she came to Shanghai, the dancer changed to be in a situationthat forces her to face the fear in her heart and bring every problem to God.
Liao finds it so hard to love others as sometimes, she doesn't want to love herself. She believes that only by grace can she do this. She might stop halfway if she doesn't meditate on the hope that Jesus' resurrection brought to her life.

Some people think it is hard to hold faith and it will be easier to give up. But Liao believes it is the only way to follow Jesus. You get everything when you get Jesus and you have nothing when you leave Him.

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