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A Son with Terminal Cancer Receives Baptism Together with His Father

A Son with Terminal Cancer Receives Baptism Together with His Father

Liu Yang Liu Yang
ByLi Mubo December 12, 2015
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On Nov. 29, Rev. Yang Jianli of Beijing Congwenmen Church baptized Liu Yang who suffers from cancer and his father. Then they received the sacrament together.

The website of Congwenmen Church introduces that in August of 2014 Liu Yang, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer at the age of 24 when he was preparing for the post-graduate paper. When he was seeking medical treatment, he knew some Christians and the Joy Candlelight Fellowship of Congwenmen Church.

The brothers and sisters of the fellowship visited Liu in the hospital and prayed for him. Other Christians donated money and some helped him ordinate the medical expense with zeal and visited him. Moved by this, Liu Yang's father went to church on Sunday and attended the Bible study in the afternoon.
Filled with joy and peace in God's love, Liu always smiles. That day he kneeled on the ground to accept the baptism although in weak physical condition with his father.

The Joyful Candlelight Fellowship is a fellowship of people who recover from cancer. They help patients walk through painful treatment on the basis of their personal illness experiences and faith journeys. Later, some healthy Christian join in it. It aims to serving those patients who have severe diseases. 

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