1000 Attend Christmas Worship, 100 New Comers Convert to Christianity, Shanxi

By Issachar LiJanuary 4th, 2016

Churches in different parishes and gathering places held activities to celebrate Christmas, reported by Linfen Church. More than 1000 people attended and about 100 new comers converted to Christianity.

The news published by Linfen Church says on Dec. 22, over 160 people attended the celebration, 20 programs were performed and 13 seekers followed Jesus in the Mengjie Church of the first parish.

On Dec. 23, seven people converted to Christianity and 20 programs were performed in Nanlu gathering place of the seventh parish. Over 80 attended the party and 17 followed Jesus in the Dongkang gathering place of the first parish.

On Dec. 24, Beiliu gathering place of the seventh parish held the Christmas Thanksgiving Worship. More than 130 attendees joined it, 27 programs were given and 10 people followed Jesus. Over 70 attended the "Christmas Eve" worship in Zhetou Church of the sixth parish.

On Dec. 25, 34 people converted to Christianity in Tumen Church of the seventh parish, Jinzhang Church and Dongying gathering place of the fifth parish. 10 followed Jesus, over 290 attended the worship and 42 programs were put on in the Zhentou Church and Dianao Church of the sixth parish. 

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