International Services in Shanghai: Multilingual Fellowship Launched, 6000 Foreign Christians Attend English Service

 The International Fellowship in Shanghai
1/2 The International Fellowship in Shanghai(photo: Screenshot)
The International Fellowship in Shanghai
2/2The International Fellowship in Shanghai(photo: Screenshot)
By Yi YangJanuary 26th, 2016

As an international metropolis, Shanghai attracts 210,000 foreigners to reside. Christians among them are serving the community and bearing witness for God in this foreign land.

Shanghai CCC&TSPM makes the story about these international Christians into a documentary, named The International Fellowship in Shanghai. This 10-minute-video tells the development of international services of Shanghai Christianity.

The documentary reveals there are totally 170 protestant churches in Shanghai. The majority are constructed in the past 30 years while the rest were before 1949, meeting the needs of Christians. The spiritual lives of international Christians in Shanghai have been a primary concern for the ministry of Shanghai protestant church. 

The establishment of the first English speaking service in Shanghai Community Church can be traced back to 1996. 

 "Shanghai Community Fellowship is an English-speaking international Christian fellowship, launched in1996. We're here to serve the international community, and provide English-speaking services. It's been a very dynamic and exciting opportunity with people from the world, worshiping the Lord and serving people." says Pastor Dale, the senior pastor of English-speaking services in Shanghai Community Church.

After the introduction of the first English service, Shanghai CCC&TSPM set up English-speaking services in Hongqiao (Changning District), Jinqiao (Pudong New District) and Xujing (Qingpu District) respectively. Now totally around 6000 foreign Christians attend English-speaking services in Shanghai. 

Since the trial success of founding English-speaking services, upon the request of Korean-speaking Christians from SK, Shanghai opened a Korean service in Xinjing Church in August, 2000. Currently about 2000 attendees on Sundays.

In addition, under the assistance of Shanghai CCC&TSPM, foreign Christian groups who speak Swedish and German have services in their own languages.

All the senior pastors of these foreign fellowships all receive good theological education and have served many years. 

Except all the above services in foreign languages, in June, 2000, Shanghai Christians initiated Cantonese-speaking service for overseas Chinese. Overseas Chinese pastors from Hong Kong, US and Canada are invited to preach sermons, preside the communion, conduct weddings and funeral services.

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