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Home for the Aged, One ministry of Hefei Church, Serves the Seniors With Love and Honest

Home for the Aged, One ministry of Hefei Church, Serves the Seniors With Love and Honest

the aged the aged
ByYi Yang February 20, 2016
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“When you are old and gray and full of sleep……”this is from a poetry by William Butler Yeats, an Ireland poet. Perhaps for the aged, they’re not expecting that ”one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face.” From a realistic perspective, they want the security, providing and happiness. 

Paradise apartment, a home for the aged, located in Hefei, China, has realized and is fulfilling their will. 

Serving as the dean, Rev. Zhang Yong who received the professional psychology education conceived the idea of caring the seniors years ago. At that time, a senior’s death in unattended case makes him painful. He initiated to lead the believers of church to serve the elders and set up the nursing house in 2011.

Construction area 1000 square meters, the usable floor area over 760 square meters, the house for the aged, named “Paradise apartment”, has the capacity of 60. Currently 30 aged are living there. Besides the infirmary, there is also a reading room and gymnasium, providing “a  sense of security, a sense of belonging worthiness”.

It is a public benefit that more nursing institution for the aged emerged. Because of the belief, service personnel resolve to look after the aged in love and patience. Sister Kong Dehua, 68 years old, lived in Double-seven church nursing house since spring festival of 2015. She comes from Chaohu of Hefei, 70 kilometers away from he downtown. Her husband died of an traffic accident, then one of her friends preached the gospel to her. From then on, her faith has been growing for 30 year, and she always want to serve in church. She used to work as a cleaner before, now she take care of seniors who are 20 years older than her, helping them to eat, clean, take medicine, and go out shopping or to see doctors.

For Kong Dehua ,she serves regardless of the day or the night. As long as the aged needs, she will try her best to help, she also coaxed the octogenarians like kids, carefully, patiently.

“The seniors don’t care food and clothing, only need to happy and sureness.” says Kong. 

Deng Zhiying, 91 years old, who is cared by Kong Dehua, is holding a hand-warmer and chatting with Kong. Her son send her here. She tells the reporter that she can even walk by herself without crutch. After talking, she walks a few steps with ease, with Kong’s guiding.

In dining room, there are porridge, eggs and steamed bread for breakfast, meat-vegetable-soup for lunch, and adjusting food according to need of the seniors.

In many details, their service is superior and considerate. Take several example, a flashlight with a magnifying glass for each of the old is provided, and a player there allows them to read and lighting. On the double-ninth festival, the church invited health care professionals to offer health care for the aged who are hard to move. At that time, they joint with the aged around to held the double ninth festival gala, and presented the holiday gifts, the medicine on the day given by all free.

Although there is a lack of serving staff, the said home for the aged insists on practicing belief by heart of love and striving to make them feel warm like at home. And as a tutor of Tongyue psychological counseling central of Hefei, Rev. Zhang Yong keeps trying and hopes that this nursing house not only helps to keep healthy for those aged but also helps them to develop healthy mind.

Translated By: Zhao Yi

  • 34
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