Will Graham Preaches the Gospel in China, Over 200 Converted

Will Graham
Will Graham (photo: ChinaChristianDaily)
By Yi YangFebruary 22nd, 2016

Feb 21, 2016, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, together with the DMHO band (Denver and the Mile High Orchestra) held two music evangelistic rallies in the Hudson Taylor Memorial Church in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. Rev. Will Graham delivered the good news "salvation on the cross", with over 200 people being converted. 

2016 marks the 100-year anniversary of when Dr. Nelson Bell-Will Graham's great-grandfather-began his medical mission work at the Love and Mercy Hospital in Jiangsu Province. He spent 25 years serving in China before moving to Montreat, North Carolina. 

As the second time preaching gospel here, the said preacher and gospel band were invited by local church and will spend a week here, including hornoring the Dr. Nelson Bell 100th Anniversary Service in Huai'an, birthplace of Ruth Bell Graham, Will's grandmother. 

Will Graham had visited the said place in 2015 for the first time, leading the association to hold four music worship gatherings with DMDO band. 

This time Will Graham delivered the message-"Salvation on the Cross", respectively citing Matthew 27: 11-25 and Luke 23:32-43 in the two sermons on Sunday morning and in the evening. In the first sermon he talked about the "choice" of Pilate. Then the Jewish religious leaders wanted Pilate on their behalf to kill Jesus. Pilate, the Roman official, had lots of chances to talk with Jesus and asked him some questions like "Are you the king of the Jews?" When Jesus replied "yes," he hesitated and thought Jesus was innocent and someone different, but he didn't make a decision to follow Jesus courageously. Similarly, some know that Jesus is true God and see many follow him, but they don't make decisions, hovering, waiting in the middle, which is a bad state of believing. Will hopes everyone pass over the state and make a decision bravely to follow Jesus, making no middle space between us and the Lord.

In the second sermon, he also talked about the cross. He said that the cross is not a piece of art, but represents a way of death and torture. Long ago this is where people were tortured and put to death, where Jesus died. He went to die on the cross for you and me.

The rallies attracted over 4500 believers and seekers from Jiangsu and Shanghai. Besides, the association is going to hold another music evangelistic rally in Huai'an, the birthplace of Ruth Bell Graham on the morning of February 23. She lived there for 17 years. 2016 has been the 100th anniversary of when Dr. Nelson Bell, Will Graham's great-grandfather, began his mission work in China. 

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