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China's Presidents of Christian Nursing Homes Hold Discussion on Elderly Care, Fujian

China's Presidents of Christian Nursing Homes Hold Discussion on Elderly Care, Fujian

Nanping Sheng'ai Christian Home for the Aged Nanping Sheng'ai Christian Home for the Aged(Rev. Yue Qinghua)
ByYi Yang April 09, 2016
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On April 7, CCC&TSPM holds the second communication meeting for the presidents of Chrisitan nursing homes in Nanping, Fujian. Meanwhile the second Christian home for the aged in Nanping opened.

The government-approved Christian organizations invite senior managers from U.S. Mennonite Health Assembly to provide on-the-spot guidance for another Christian senior citizens' home in Nanping for one month.

In the opening ceremony of the meeting, Rev. Yue Qinghua, the chairman of Fujian TSPM, shares the challenges pension agencies face and the advantages of Christian pension agencies

He says the development of nursing homes varies a lot in China. A large percentage of nursing homes can't meet high-quality and omni-dimentional service demand with poor conditions of basic equipments and basic service that only provides food, clothes, housing and other simple service.

It worries more that many employees are working in nursing homes are laid-off workers, village women and temporary workers. They don't receive professional care training and therefore lack professional skills and quality, as a result, scandals appear on the media that seniors in the homes, especially those who can't take care of themselves often get the cold shoulder,  beating and scolding from the nurses.

In recent years more churches are aware of the necessity to provide elderly care in their communities. 

However, a variety of problems exist in church's aged home, such as problems on funds, management, profession of workers.

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