Ningxia Pastoral Training Focuses on Developing Young Leaders

The 2016 pastoral training held in Ningxia
The 2016 pastoral training held in Ningxia
By Alice WangAugust 17th, 2016

More than 60 preachers from Ningxia are attending the annual pastoral training held by the province in Shizuishan from August 15 to 18. During the training, the course on the history of the church will be led by a professor from Yanjing Theological Seminary.

The first message delivered to the church leaders is to accept, develop and nurture young leaders when they read the verses that Paul, who was first accepted by Barnabas then became a great apostle in the Bible, spoke as he did his ministry.

Rev. Yang Chunxiu, the vice chairman of Ningxia CCC and chairman of Shizuishan CCC, introduced that there are only over ten young seminary graduates serving in the church in Ningxia, encourging them to be examples for the believers in love, life and faith, citing 1 Timothy 4:11-16.

She adds that the older generation should hand over the reins to the younger generation, while the latter should learn from the seniors to understand their new duties.

Later, the professor shared the story of Paul before beginning the course on the church history. The lecture said that it is Barnabas' acceptance to Paul that started the great apostle's ministry.

"The young have the potential to help church development, who should be given opportunities. Everyone needs a process of being accepted." The professor says.

Besides this statement, she mentions tolerating them as Barnabas served Paul, "The young who face much pressure from the society need our blessings and encouragement. The church needs to provide them with spiritual and mental support ... to make their ministry develop continuously."

The training for all the pastoral staff in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is only conducted once a year and necessary discussions among the three dozens of preachers will be held in the following days. 

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