When Pyramid Sales goes into Church

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By CCD Contributor: SophiaSeptember 2nd, 2016

I have never done selling, but I admire two other careers: a shepherd and a teacher. I always like putting shepherds, teachers and sellers together and find as to where they are similar in nature. Many often say that people tend to learn a lot from selling, meeting new people, communicating with others and promoting their products to the market. Educated people know that teachers play a vital role in teaching morality, knowledge and how to get rid of doubts. Christians are also aware that teaching the Gospel is very difficult, especially if one wishes to speak the words to a stranger who has not heard of the words in a higher level. 

We find a lot of bad things in many products and actions, especially in copying. The Chinese copying ability is number 1 in the world as they can not only copy products, but they also copy careers. There are true and false made wines, true shepherds and believers and false shepherds and believers, the truth and cult in the Bible, there is also true selling and false pyramid selling. In pyramid selling, we know only a little. It is fraud and a false method of selling. When a shepherd enters pyramid selling, they will do very well because shepherds and sellers are similar.

We find similar points and how they tackle easy to difficult situations. For a shepherd, it is easy to introduce a product to someone, they tell the advantages and practicality of the product they are selling and people will buy it. They are capable of transferring and teaching the Gospel. However, when they engage to pyramid selling, the quality of the Gospel spoken by these shepherds is compromised. 

As they are forced to make a living, many shepherds are aware which product they should purchase for the home and for the church. At the beginning, they may be reluctant to do so but when they start selling, their capabilities increase exponentially. However, as long as they take part in these activities, they would not focus on sharing the Gospel and explaining it to the public. They would only focus on introducing their products and using the brothers and sisters in church to get more people to buy their products. If they spend too much on selling, will they still have enough time to think about the Bible and speak about the Gospel? 

In faith, it is terrible that people do not have the intent to stay faithful to it and look around the world around them. If they will do lesser things involving faith and speak more about their products, they will put innocent believers at risks because they are not fed with the word of God which would assist them in life. They would be taken away by the wolves and dropped off the cliff once they are eaten by these wolves. The more popular pyramid selling is in the Church and the more shepherds are enthralled in it, the more at risk people become. 

When the shepherds wish to make profit, they may swear by faith so long as they make efforts to do so and receive its benefits. . Because of the good market already present in the church, they will earn money from Christians. 

Sometimes; however, believers don’t keep their eyes open. They help sell the items brought by the shepherds with the belief of helping their brothers and sisters. This phenomenon actually occurs. If the shepherds want to earn money, everyone would become their customers. The believers are just the innocent victims and the poorest ones are often targeted. 

Shepherds would make use of the preaching platform of the church to do their advertisements, making believers participate in the selling process. During this time, believers should be vigilant and learn when to stop listening to the church. Don’t speak too fast, but it is often that the victims are the believers. It is really terrible for shepherds to be a part of pyramid selling in the church. 

Everybody makes efforts to do certain activities. They are very attractive, especially if they try their best to deceive someone. Those people who are deceived are usually the people who believe you. 

Just with the little help of certain verbal techniques, no matter what the believers would do, they cannot resist these products being sold to them, especially the health products which are popular with the old. Children are often concerned by this occurrence because when they believe the one who sold them the items, they would resist their children’s advice against these items. They would say “I buy health products to help me maintain my healthy lifestyle, if I die, will you be happy?” When the children hear this statement, the children would not have the power to fight their parents. 

In the church, the elders believe the shepherds blindly and they would repeat those words for a long time. If the shepherds play psychological warfare by comforting them a little or hand them with aid, the elders will believe them at once. The elders would also listen to them and purchase a lot if they are enticed. With this in mind, it is terrible that shepherds participate in such selling activities.

When the shepherds can’t control themselves away the allure of money, they may succumb to the monetary world. They wouldn’t wake up and enjoy all of it. If someone said it is bad, they will be mad at once without considering the words spoken by the people around them. When they serve money, they follow it as if they are serving God. It is really sad. It is even sadder that the shepherds take part in it. 

Shepherds can adapt to become a teacher quickly and also do pyramid selling at the same pace because the model of putting new wine into old bottles would exhibit their abilities very well. When shepherds believe that they can achieve their worth with just selling, they will lose themselves in it and cause changes on how they serve for faith. This makes the church unclean, believers under the threat of temptation and the church work may even enter a phase of stasis. Shepherds must be very vigilant when it comes to the temptations brought by pyramid selling.

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