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Christian Singer Jing Chang Finds Herself by Faith

Christian Singer Jing Chang Finds Herself by Faith

Jing Chang wears long hair Jing Chang wears long hair (Jing Chang )
ByElsie Hu September 07, 2016
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Always in a sexless look, Christian singer Jing Chang started to have her hair long and  reveal her growing femininity. Such change stems from her Christian faith. 

Known as the "Li Yuchun of Taiwan", Chang had a passion for music since she was young despite the fact she only played guitar and music for fun for her disadvantaged family. In 2007, she became hot immediately after winning the first season of Taiwanese singing competition, Super Idol and started the life of facing various pressures due to stardom. 

She once said that she had been pondering over her identity and the purpose of her life since childhood. She was packaged with a sexless image by her record company after a splash in the competition. The fans loved her image that brought her pressure and a sense of meaninglessness of singing. She was forced to have her hair shorter because the fans were fond of her straightforward and handsome look.

During that time, she saw herself being the one others liked but not herself. Her heart kept shouting to be have long hair while nobody knew it. 

Stuck in confusion and struggle, she was invited by a friend to church and found the passion to sing songs again in the hymns and God's love. The singer received the baptism at the end of November 2010. On the day of her baptism, she shared her gratitude for finding the meaning of life at her microblog.

The moment touched by God, she was fully released, beginning to cry loudly and regaining the "feeling", the new convert said. After converting, content related to faith is often shared on her microblog. 

Regarding her long hair, she was encouraged to do boldly what she wanted to do. She was determined to be herself and establish a new image. 

This sharp change turned out to causing losing many fans and some fans left messages that abused her and called her a "traitor". Even record companies stopped arranging business with her in the following four years causing her to live on the deposit.

Attacked by netizens, she, who feared of contacting people and wrote songs at home, went to church and did sports at the gym, but the idea of wearing her hair longer was never shaken. "Because I don't want to be boxed in a certain fra

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