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The Role of Christianity in China’s urbanization (Part II)

The Role of Christianity in China’s urbanization (Part II)

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ByYamin Xue October 01, 2016
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China's rapid urbanization brought about economic growth as well as the progress of science and technology. However, a series of conflicts and social problems have arisen during this process such as the destruction of environment, the lack of personal beliefs and the collapse of traditional values.This article is a disscussion on the role of Christianity in China's urbanization. This is the second part.

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3. Responsibility of the church and believers in urbanization

A city is designed to improve life quality of people. The church is also aimed to serve all people including Christians. In a livable city, people from different classes live with each other in harmony. People love and inspire each other in a healthy church. Good news released by the church is sure to be spread in the community. In the process of urbanization, many believers have received higher education. It puts higher requirements for the church and Christians.

(1)  Right attitude towards believers and non-believers

The nature of Christianity is God's eternal, absolute, supreme love. Everyone deserves love and compassion. We shall hold the same attitude towards believers and non-believers. A Christian named David was very sad after reading an article written by a non-Christian 《Witness Chinese Christians in Wenchuan earthquake》. He said: "Privatization and secularization of belief and gospel is more terrible than the earthquake. If there is no grace or love, gospel doesn't exist."

At the same time, the city has generated many younger believers with more knowledge and wealth. The traditional way of evangelism is hard to impress them. Only evangelism with more theological thoughts and rich knowledge can move them.

(2)  Relief and cure for countless hurt souls in urbanization.

People are often lost, painful and helpless during every period of great transition. The church shall bring God's relief to people so as to heal the pain in their souls. Everyone can truly experience God's salvation and remedy a broken relationship with God.

People experience a lot of emotional pain in a rapid change. The church must see their need of comfort and help. Pastor Rev. Rick Warren has listed 10 kinds of people who are most likely to accept gospel in his book《The Purpose Driven Church》:

① Relatives and friends of new believers.

②Just got divorced.

③In need of rehabilitation due to alcohol, drugs, sex and so on.

④Becoming parents for the first time.

⑤Patients of terminal diseases and their families.

⑥Couples with serious marital problems.

⑦Parents who have problems with children;

⑧People who have just lost their jobs or face serious financial problems;

⑨New residents in the community.

⑩Visitor who has come to the church for the second time

In the great transition of urbanization, the church shall preach gospel to people so as to bring them relief and healing from God.

 (3) More in-depth interaction with the community

A healthy church is full of love and care for each other. The church shall help people build healthy family relationship and community relations. A high quality community includes following five standards: [1]


  1. Full of vigor and vitality
  2. A venue for assembly and social interaction.
  3. Collective consciousness
  4. Hardware environment which promotes social and cultural environment
  5. Cherished by residents of the community.

Nowadays the church has joined more people together through the efforts of Christians. All community services are based on the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. Belief can play an important role in a community. Brothers and sisters of the same community work together in the church and encourage each other. They share the same beliefs of value and find their own roles in a community. Christians shall implement their belief and care in the daily community activities.

China has become an aging society with more and more old people. Young people often have no time to take care of the old man due to busy work. A group called the elderly in empty nests arises. The majority of the church is made up of old believers and we shall provide convenience for them.

The church today is building nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other service projects in the community. The church is contributing to building a harmonious socialist society.

4. Conclusion

Urbanization is the main melody in China's development today. Christianity itself is a movement of urbanization. We Christians shall comply with the trend under the guidance of Bible and spread gospel in communities. Let's improve the level of evangelism among our church staff and provide better service for people in China's urbanization.

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