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How to Rescue Desolate Rural Churches in China

How to Rescue Desolate Rural Churches in China

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ByCCD contributor: Mingbiao Huang October 11, 2016
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Under the tide of urbanization, many young and middle-aged believers in the rural church have flown into the city, leaving the elderly and children. Christian families in rural areas are imperfect.

The responsibility of rescuing the desolate rural church is on every Christian's shoulder. We shall fight with the demons causing the desolation of the rural church.

Two strategies shall be insisted: Recalling believers and pastors from the city and adhering to evangelism.

To recall believers and pastors from the city, we shall work out serious of problems such as shepherding, medical treatment and education. Then they will be willing to stay at home and no longer leave.

Shepherding is the primary problem. Nowadays missionaries are lacking in rural churches. Some missionaries gave up their belief and made a living in the city. How can we make missionaries and believers go home so as to rescue the rural church?

The most effective way is to develop different kinds of industries in rural areas so rural believers can work in their hometown. This would require strong ability, confidence and courage of believers and Christian organizations. If we put only one tenth of wealth and energy into rural churches, rural believers will get guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus did not just teach people or preach the gospel. He also walked around cities and villages to cure all kinds of problems. He is always telling us we Christians shall serve people instead of being served.

Therefore, the development of rural economic industries is fundamental. We shall provide service for rural communities and seek the welfare for rural believers, thus paving the way for them to come back.

Evangelism can be realized only when believers have returned from the city. Evangelism needs the support of a strong team instead of an individual.

In the past one hundred years foreign missionaries have come to China in groups and relied on continuous financial support from overseas to help churches grow in China.

Now we can no longer rely on foreign churches' strength or the government's financial support. We can only depend on ourselves.

The church shall have its own industries. Then believers can find their own position in the church and do their own job. When believers have a sense of belonging in the church, it will be possible for us to rescue the rural churches.

The growth of rural churches also benefits the development of churches in the city. The majority of believers in urban churches are from the countryside. If we can better shepherd more rural believers, they will promote the cultural construction of urban churches when they flow into the city. 

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