Reflections on Domestic Violence and the Countermeasures

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By CCD Contributor: SophiaOctober 18th, 2016

When it comes to domestic violence, different friends have different opinions. Most of them will accuse domestic violence with dissatisfaction, whether it is cold violence or punch and kick.

What impressed me most were a TV series called Do Not Talk to Strangers and Lee Yang, the founder of Crazy English. Regardless of the family trifles, we need to reflect on domestic violence nowadays.

Domestic violence has a bad influence on our life and society. Victims of domestic violence used to be vulnerable women and children. Now man earning less money in a family often suffers domestic violence. The violence happens not only in a non-cultural family but also a well-educated family.

Domestic violence is no longer a family issue. Now it is related to the protection of human rights.

What is the reason for domestic violence?

1. In people's traditional opinion, we shouldn't meddle in fight between a couple because it's just family trifles. A famous Chinese saying goes that domestic shame should not be made public.

2. The economic or emotional imbalance. If anyone of the family control the economy or devote much love to the family, economic or emotional imbalance will arise in his heart.

3. Bad temper. Some people are unable to control their moods in their family. They often solve problems through violence.

4. Take family and children as an excuse. Victims choose to tolerate in the name of love while the violence becomes aggravated.

5. Think they will be disgraced if others know that they are suffering the domestic violence.

6. They never seek the help from society and are not willing to let friends or relatives know about it.

7. Faith Restraints. Some people are bounded by faith, believing that they are Christians and what they have experienced will move God someday.

The attitude of the society towards domestic violence is indifferent. Many people just stand by and allow it to happen.

I saw a video some time ago testing the attitude towards violence. When foreigners discover violent phenomenon, they are ready to control the violence at any time; in China, even if you kill a person on the road under the sunlight, people will just leave like avoiding the god of plague.

The indifference of the society let us reflect on the phenomenon that most Chinese are not willing to help an old man when he fell down on the road. What makes people so cold?

1. The lack of social responsibility.

2. Positive energy is gradually declining and moral standards are suspected.

3. The lack of the social role model.

4. The fear of being blackmailed.

5 The imperfect laws and regulations.

In fact, the phenomenon of domestic violence also appeared in the Bible such as the dispute between brothers. As Christians, when faced with domestic violence, we shall learn to look up to God and pray for God's help first. Then we shall seek help to avoid harm. If we can't change the perpetrator, we shall stay away from him.

I think violent incidents may seldom occur in Christian families because the church implements the concept of love and harmony. I sometimes wonder what the church should do to help solve the problem. If Christian families have such problems, how should the church respond to this phenomenon?

Faced with the growing social problems, the church, as a part of society, should shoulder the responsibility to deal with such matters. Prohibition of domestic violence is in accordance with the spirits and ideas of Christianity. What practical measures can we take to help solve the problem of domestic violence?

1. Set organizations to research and comfort victims of domestic violence.

2. Protect the privacy of the victims.

3. Using the words of faith to comfort and guide the victims.

4. Teach the victim how to face and solve the problem (think of countermeasures).

5. Public the prohibition of domestic violence and promote the concept of home, love and faith.

6. Come up with some measures to help perpetrators get rid of bad habits in order to fundamentally solve the problem.

7. Protect the victims with the law as the weapon.

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