Christian Cemetery ‘Zion Garden’ Opened in Zhenjiang

Zion Garden
Zion Garden (photo: Wechat account: Zhenjiang Christianity )
By Yi YangApril 28th, 2017

Zhenjiang Church hosted the opening ceremony of "Zion Garden", a Christian cemetery in Evergreen Park, Dantu District, on April 12.  More than 100 local pastors and believers attended the ceremony.

The cemetery is located in Shitougang and has already been approved by the local Civil Administration Department.

"Zion Garden" fills a gap of Christian cemeteries in Zhejiang region.  According to the church, the name means "the land of God", as well as referring to the Holy Land where God anointed David as King.  The cemetery represents solidarity, peace, and a free home where there is the unconditional great love of God and everlasting life.

Evergreen Park is located in the west of Changlongshan Cemetery and is under the jurisdiction of the Civil Administration Department of Dantu District.  As one of the most important civil engineering projects of Zhenjiang from 2014, it has an area of 82.37 acres with a total investment of 150 million RMB.  It is a large scale environmental and cultural cemetery that combines ecosystems, artistry, and landscaping in its design.

- Translated by Grace Hubl

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