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Visit to Home for the Disabled, Leper Colony

Visit to Home for the Disabled, Leper Colony

Recently Wen Cheng and his friends visited a leprosy village in Zaozhuang, Shandong. Recently Wen Cheng and his friends visited a leprosy village in Zaozhuang, Shandong. (Provided by Wen Cheng)
ByCCD contributor: Wen Cheng September 07, 2020
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After the strongest typhoon of this year, "Bavi", left China’s coastal Shandong province, seven of us set out by car to revisit a leprosy village in Zhaozhuang.

First, we came to a courtyard that we hadn't seen a year ago. Brother Zheng Wenjie told us that they had built this courtyard last year as a part of the "House of Lost Sheep" which was especially for the disabled. In the first room of the courtyard, there were two young men lying in bed. Talking to one of them, I knew that he was Brother Zhang Jun, a former martial arts actor who has for some reason been paralyzed.

When we went inside, we found  there were many houses under construction and two stooping and sweaty brothers working. Brother Zheng came over and told us that in order to meet the development needs, they had negotiated with the local government and expanded this row of houses in the deserted and vacant area to accommodate more than 20 people.

We went to the other two courtyards which I had visited before. The co-workers serving there warmly received us and share about the ministry. We personally heard some testimonies from the recipients.

Later, we also went to the leprosy village. What I had heard before was still vivid in my mind, but there were almost new co-workers. Many old people who had deeply impressed me had gone on to glory. We also learned about the lives of some people who had recovered from leprosy as well about the real dedication of the service staff.

The "House of Lost Sheep" is an expensive ministry because it must provide food, clothing, shelter, and even medical care for so many people. All the funds received have been donated by Christians from across the country.

Brother Zheng and his team also did not stay in the air-conditioned room on hot days. By prayer and faith, they built the house by themselves, which greatly reduced the cost. And when they were able to use second-hand building materials, they did so.

They believed that the Lord’s grace has been sufficient and that He also blessed the work of their hands.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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