Christian Singer G.E.M. Speaks out Against School Violence

G.E.M. (photo: G.E.M.'s microblog)
By Phoebe Zhou January 21st, 2021

Christian singer G.E.M. encouraged a fan who was bullied at school to be strong, calling for attention to school violence.

On January 15th, a fan called "A fish in deep sea" shared with the celebrity what happened to her on China's Twitter, Weibo, "I was verbally abused by a couple of girls in my class. I cried about five times. I went to the headteacher, and the headteacher also talked to the girl who took the lead in bullying. She didn't stop but did far worse. All in all, I regret that I listened to the headteacher and didn't confront her face to face in the class. I really feel aggrieved at this. And after we talked, she even created rumors about me,saying that I often snitch on classmates. The point is that some girls and most boys in my class believe this. But the headteacher talked about this thing in class today. Hope it is useful."

The fan continued, "I was really affected by these things. When I woke up in the morning, this is all that came to my mind. I felt a little bit nervous on the way to school. I took a leave and went home today because I felt very depressed and uncomfortable in the class. That girl always mocked me when a teacher was not around. No matter how strong I am, it is so hard to be not affected. I have to go back to school on Sunday evening because there will be a mock college entrance examination for eight provinces next Saturday(I'm a senior high school student). If she continues, I will report her to the Dean's Office and have her punished. If I don’t do this then I may again suffer from  depression."

"Because of the school bullying that occurs these days, I suddenly thought about Jiejie (she was hacked by the entire internet). I really admire her for going through this and become more confident. I believe I can overcome it too and become a better person."

She added, "I want to share this true story. If anyone of you who is a fan of Gloria has been treated like this, I want to hug you."

Hong Kong singer-songwriter G.E.M. commented, "School bullying needs to be addressed. Please be strong! Stand up for yourself!!!"

Other fans commented, "Anyone who experienced school bullying knows that it can cause deep physical and mental pain. Please protect yourself and use the law when necessary. This is the most efficient way. Come on!!!!"

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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