Zhejiang Church Shows Care to Interior Decor Workers at Dragon Boat Festival

Zhu'en Church in Longgang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Zhu'en Church in Longgang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang (photo: Longgang CC&TSPM)
By Mark Cui June 21st, 2021

A Zhejiang church showed care to workers on the construction site.

On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival which fell on June 14, Elder Yang Jiehua and Director Zhou Yuecheng from Zhu’en Church in Longgang, Zhejiang, presented rice dumplings and milk prepared by the church to 28 construction workers. They expressed their gratitude and greetings to these workers who did the interior decoration, as they gave up holiday breaks to ensure the completion of the project, according to Longgang CC&TSPM.

With a heart for their warmth and concern, the workers expressed that they would ensure the quality of the project and complete the delivery on time.

Contracted by a Christian engineering company from May 10, the interior decoration project is expected to last 180 days.

The ground-breaking ceremony for reconstruction was held on June 5, 2018.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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