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Shaanxi Church Baptizes 21 Seekers

Shaanxi Church Baptizes 21 Seekers

Shilipu Church in Baoji, Shaanxi Shilipu Church in Baoji, Shaanxi
ByWei Shui August 05, 2021
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Shilipu Church in Baoji, Shaanxi, held a baptism and communion service on Sunday.

Following COVID-19 protocols, believers entered the sanctuary to worship God.

At 8:30 a.m., under the auspices of Elder Pang Xianhua, the service began with hymns from joint choirs, followed by the song I Praise The Lord, sang by the congregation together with the choir.

Based on Romans 6:3-14, Rev. Wang Binghui delivered a sermon titled Requirements for the Baptized, comprising seven parts. He said a baptized man should receive the Holy Spirit to be reborn by confessing his sins, acknowledging the name of the Lord, making a covenant to follow the Lord to the end after passing over from death to life and putting on a new self, receiving communion and joining a fellowship to serve.

Later Rev. Wang baptized 21 seekers by immersion.

During the baptism ceremony lasting longer than half an hour, Elder Liu Xifeng shared a sermon titled See Baptism From the Baptism of Jesus, based on Matthew 3:13-17. She stated that Christians should observe the baptism in which they received the Holy Spirit.

At around 10:30 a.m., after the intercession, Elder Pang officiated the communion service, followed by the hymn Baptized into the Lord and the Lord’s Prayer.

Finally, the Sunday service ended with blessings from Rev. Wang.

(The author is a Christian in China’s northwestern Shaanxi Province and the article is originally published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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