Tips to Serve the Homeless

A homeless man squatted looking at his bowl.
A homeless man squatted looking at his bowl.
By Josiah LiMarch 4th, 2022

In recent years, a certain number of churches have begun to serve the homeless, such as providing the homeless with food, clothes, bedding, talks, and spiritual care; helping these lost ones to connect with their family. Some even rent houses for them to stay in and also help them to look for jobs.

Lately, I have been connecting with two Christians who are serving the homeless for a long time. They have shared several tips on how to serve the homeless.

1. For safety, one should not act alone; we should serve in a group with at least two to three persons together. To be homeless, they should have been experienced severe emotional pain, and some are even having distorted thinking, or having criminal records. As a result, we should protect ourselves properly as we give.

2. When we provide care for the homeless, we should protect our mobile phones and wallets from theft or loss. We should trust the homeless but we have to set boundaries so that we can protect ourselves from theft and also prevent others’ involvement in crimes.

3. It is necessary to avoid giving the homeless money directly since they may be using the money inappropriate ways such as gambling, buying cigarettes, and alcohol. It is better to provide them with daily necessities.

4. Don’t take care of the homeless who are of the opposite sex. In particular, brothers should not take care of homeless women.

Following the above tips, the two Christians are sharing more positive points of view from their service.

1. Start with the basics, which is to give the homeless food and clothes.

2. Learn simple hair cutting techniques, to help give the homeless haircuts.

3. Provide them with a place to shower.

4. If the homeless person gets lost on their way home, try to ask for their name or home address. Try to look for the available search notices online, or to contact the police station in town to help the homeless return home.

5. Send the homeless remedies for fast cold and flu relief. If you have medical knowledge, you can consult them in person.

6. Provide the homeless with jobs according to their abilities; help them to get hired.

7. Share gospel with the homeless. When you are providing care with actions, it will be easy for the homeless to accept the gospel.

- Translated by Jessie Cheong

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