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Sunday Service Resumed in New Building of Fujian Church

Sunday Service Resumed in New Building of Fujian Church

Newly-built Ma'an Church in Fuzhou, Fujina Newly-built Ma'an Church in Fuzhou, Fujina
ByLin Muli May 24, 2022
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A church in China’s southeastern-coastal Fujian Province held its first Sunday service after the outbreak of COVID-19 in its newly-built facility.

A pastor of Flower Lane Church was sent to give a sermon in the new Ma’an Church in the western suburbs of Fuzhou, Fujian, on May 15, Sunday.

Located at the entrance of the scenic Wufeng Mountain Park, with a floor area of 335 square meters (0.083 acres), the church was decorated with a cross inside and a cross monument on the exterior of the building.

It is said that with a history of more than 100 years, Ma’an Church was demolished at the end of the 20th century, without the reconstruction being completed in the following decade. Believers had to gather at a temporary meeting point and later in a private house. As these two small places were just used for Sunday services, each large-scale activity of worshipping (such as Christmas celebrations) had to be held in hotels.

With a female believer and a pastor appointed by Flower Lane Church successively as its leaders, the church was rebuilt with support from its members and the megachurch.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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