China's Christian Online Bookstore Releases 'Out of Print' Book Sale for Its 14 Anniversary

A row of shelves full of books
A row of shelves full of books
By Grace Song June 2nd, 2022

A famous online Christian bookstore put "out of print" books on sale during the 14th-anniversary celebrations. 

Baojiayin, an online Christian bookstore, celebrated its 14th anniversary in May. As part of its anniversary celebrations, the bookstore launched a book sale for Christian books that will no longer be printed in Mainland China.

In an article posted on its WeChat account on May 17, the bookstore announced the special sale, including some of the bestsellers and time-tested classics. It indicated that these books were made out of print because of relevant policies.

“Normally when books go out of print, that’s because they don’t sell well and therefore the publisher decides to stop printing. Or old versions might stop printing when a new version is released. These out-of-print books are by no means unmarketable! They have a big demand from many churches and Christians,” the ministry stated. 

“It’s obvious why these books will no longer be printed. It’s due to policy reasons.” The bookstore said, “In recent years, each of our anniversary witnesses more books being made out-of-prints. The list hit a record on this 14th anniversary.”

According to its online store, the selection includes over 40 books, ranging from devotionals, Bible studies, theology, biographies, Christian growth, to family and marriage life books. Some of the examples are the Chinese translations of Counterfeit Gods and The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller, Grasping God's Word: A Hands-on Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible, Mountain Rain: A Biography of James O. Fraser, The Philosophy of Revelation, Personal Spiritual Life, and Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.

In another article, the bookstore indicated that some Christian books had been prepared but couldn’t gain approval for publishing. “Baojiayin” in Chinese means to bring good news. As one of the largest Christian online bookstores, it encouraged readers to keep reading and sowing the seeds in the years of calamity.

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