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Christmas Activities Held in Guangdong, Guangxi

Christmas Activities Held in Guangdong, Guangxi

The Lily Choir performed a Nativity play named The Lily Choir performed a Nativity play named "Esther" in Beihai Church, Guangxi, to celebrated Christmas on November 18, 2022.(Beihai Church)
ByMark Cui December 23, 2022
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Two churches in Guangdong and Guangxi held in-person Christmas activities.

Beihai Church in Guangxi carries out Christmas celebrations on Sundays in December every year. It also holds four services online and on-site each Sunday this month.

The church conducted four services in Mandarin and Cantonese on Sunday, December 4.

On the first Sunday of Christmas month, worshippers followed the COVID-19 protocols, including wearing masks, having their temperatures measured, and presenting the negative nucleic acid test certificates. Rev. Zhang Yezhong, Rev. Huang Zhengxin, Elder Jia Ke, and Pastor He Jun each preached a sermon in four services. 

The church also held a service of holy communion with baptism for 12 followers.

After the Sunday service, the choir and fellowships performed a hymn, fan dance, straw hat dance, modern dance, male chorus, and Sanjuban (“three and a half sentences”, a type of Chinese free talk). Activities of different fellowships and the second disciple training course New Life also began this week. The Christmas activities will continue from next Sunday to the end of the year.

The church also conducted four worship services in person and virtually on December 18, the third Sunday of this month.

Elder Jia Ke preached a sermon with the title "Favored One", Rev. Huang Zhengxin with "Grace of Incarnation", and Pastor He Jun with "Emmanuel" online. The third Christmas celebration was held during this period, including choruses, a Nativity play and a cheongsam show from the Lily Choir, a hymn from the English fellowship, and two wind music from Elder Jia ke and Pastor He Jun.

Recently, some of the believers showed symptoms such as fever and cough, so the fourth in-person Sunday worship was changed to online worship.

Fangcun Church in Guangzhou, Guangdong, also held a Christmas party on December 18. Believers were invited to perform in groups, couples, and families, praising God in the form of duets, poetry recitations, and musical instruments, said Guangzhou CC&TSPM.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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