Today, Peace is at My Home

Tomorrow is in the hands of Heavenly Father, and peace is enough at the moment.
Tomorrow is in the hands of Heavenly Father, and peace is enough at the moment. (photo: Pixabay)
By CCD contributor: GraceJuly 2nd, 2020

While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”- Luke 24:36

It was late at night. Peace came to accompany me and sit silently by the bed in front of me. She knows, now I only need quiet companionship rather than care.

Peace comes to accompany me each day, watching me write, listening to the prayerful music from my phone, and going out from time to time to see the children who are asleep, tucking them in and moving a strand of hair on a forehead aside with His hands, then kissing each child's forehead lightly, and stepping back in silence. I stop the pen in my hand and look at Peace, but Peace just laughs at me lightly. So I nod to express gratitude without saying a word. I am afraid that the pen in my hand will stop the ink.

Since the last time Anxiety and Sorrow left my house, they rarely pay a visit now. Anxiety can no longer find a dilapidated sofa suitable for him to sit on in our living room because we threw that old sofa out one morning together with anxious memories. We did not slowly move it from one room to the next but threw it out of the window at the most appropriate time. Throwing it out of the narrow window took a lot of effort, and when that big guy fell into the weeds in the backyard, he made a heavy and muffled noise.

Since Anxiety has no place to sit, he no longer wants to stay in here for he does not like to sit on the cheerful and bright carpet. There are hopeful footsteps there, as well as advice written with confidence, and a fragrance of eternal love.

Anxiety found a better place.

The mother who is worried about her daughter's college funding in ten years needs Anxiety. I used to like her before because I wanted to discuss everything with Anxiety. The task of Anxiety is to carefully analyze all family problems, social crises, and school changes that may occur within ten years from different angles, make a beautiful PPT and then demonstrate the imaginary things with pictures to help the mother. For a long time, I believed it was difficult to live a day without Anxiety.

Sorrow is not going to come often, because the cups that Sorrow likes were broken while the children were playing, and there are no more cups in my house to entertain Sorrow, so he doesn’t want to pass by. Both Anxiety and Sorrow know that Peace has become our regular visitor. They have heard the gossip that we have vacated a room in our house so that Peace can stay at my house for a long time.

This annoys Anxiety and Sorrow. If Peace becomes a member of our family, then they will be less likely to show up here. They despise the holiness and light in that comes with Peace, and are scared by his quiet footsteps. Peace is kissing every child in the family quietly, so that the children have a stable life, with hearts full of gratitude and love during their adolescence.

Peace also likes to take my spouse and me for a walk in the garden on a summer afternoon. She puts my hand in the palm of my husband and presses his hand firmly into mine, implying that the husband should not forget to take good care of and love this weaker woman.

Peace also gives confidence to my son who is studying abroad and sends the most suitable Bible verses to him in the morning so that he can face all the challenges in his high school studies.

I can’t remember how long Peace has stayed in the room we prepared for her. With her living at home, I feel more at ease.

Tomorrow is in the hands of our Heavenly Father, and peace is enough at the moment.

Good night, Peace! Good night, to you!

- Translated by Elaina Wu

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