Korean Megachurch Pastor Reminds Christians to Pray for Three Things to Reveive Blessings from God

Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh gave a sermon titled “Prayers of the Remnant” on June 30, 2021.
Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh gave a sermon titled “Prayers of the Remnant” on June 30, 2021. (photo: Screenshot)
By Christine Lau July 7th, 2021

Recently, Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh, the senior pastor of the SaRang Church in South Korea reminded believers to Christians to pray more and thereby receive blessings from God.

In a sermon titled “Prayers of the Remnant” released on the official WeChat account of the “SaRang Chinese Ministry”, Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh preached on Zechariah 8. 

Rev. Oh said, “In Genesis 3, human beings disobeyed and sinned against God, and the ground was cursed. Yet God promised to heal the land, which means, God will provide for our livelihood. Those who maintain a good vertical relationship with God will be blessed with healing in the horizontal relationship with their neighbors as well. In this way, we are made to be blessings, rather than just receivers of blessings. This is the blessing of recovery. Through the remnant of the people, who are enjoying the blessings, God is going to heal the land completely. The remnant have an influence on people of all nations, even the gentiles.”

Regarding what is the “remnant of the people”, he explained, “In Isaiah, it’s said that the remnant are the remaining people, the holy stumps when the trees were felled. In our words, the remnant are people who have received the mission, who see the mission as being more important than their life, with the power of the Word.”

“These are the remnant,” Rev. Oh continues according to Revelation 14:4, “The 'remnant theology' of the Old Testament refers to the idea that, through a small number of remnants, God saves a large proportion of people or even all people. When we shoulder this Mission as remnants, God will gradually solve the important issues of countries and history, one after another. This is the grace of the remnant.”

“We are the remnant when we pray the remnant prayers,” he added. 

“The remnants pray for a spiritual harvest, that is, the dead rising to life through the gospel. If we want a harvest, we need rainfall at appropriate times. We can only experience a spiritual harvest with the rain of the Holy Spirit, namely, the showers in seasons, the former rain and the latter rain. That is to say, His showers in seasons are the showers of blessings that transcend seasons. Because of the former and latter rains, we can expect a spiritual harvest,” the Korean pastor claimed.

“We are blessed through our good shepherd Jesus, but it doesn’t mean becoming blessed is the end of the story. We need to pray more for leaders. As we ask for blessings for leaders, the spiritual harvests are opened to us... The spiritual harvests will be recovered, and all of the other things will be recovered.”

Rev. Oh concluded, “We are indeed in great need of praying for our children, and for the next generation... Praying with tears should be a focus of this age, to strive to save this nation and the next generation. This is what the history of the heavenly kingdom really looks like when the remnants pray.”

- Translated by Grace Song

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