Saturday, April 20th, 2024
Article by:Tian Jiu'en

Moving Testimony: Wife of Pastor Shares Ministry Journey From Being Teenage to Middle Age as Glance into Chinese Church Growth

A pastor's family was raised up by God as a young couple who loved and devoted themselves to Him. The couple completely abandoned themselves to work for God, and built threshing floors everywhere under financial difficulties, so that more and more people later heard and accepted the gospel. The wife's personal testimony also provides a glance into how the Chinese church has grown under the guidance of God.

Story of Serving God Full Time After Husband's Death

A female believer called S for short is the wife of a pastor who passed away unexpectedly. As her marriage was once on the verge of collapse, in desperation, she prayed to God no less than 20 times a day. Though with an attitude of exclusion, she fell in love with his husband again. Now she serves God full time after she was healed by God from the sudden death of her husband.
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