Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Article by:China Source

Conversation with a Countryside Preacher [Part I]

The rural church is an important topic in Chinese Christianity. Although more and more new churches are being established in cities due to China's current urbanization, the majority of churches in China are still rural. The large number of believers in these churches cannot be ignored.

Chongyi Church Pastor: Build a Church Without Walls

“In today’s church, each person has a rod of his or her own standards by which he or she measures the faith of others.” Pastor Lu of Chongyi Church said during a recent sermon. “The church needs the protection of proper walls, however it does not need man-made restrictions and wariness.”

Marriage, a Child‪, or Both?

Questions about reproductive rights, marriage, and whether or not social convention (as opposed to love) should dictate whether or not a couple should marry, were public raised in recently. This is a closer look at the couple's story and the attitudes of today's millennials in China and then turns to the Christian teaching on marriage.

What is a Christian singer?

‪What is it to be a Christian singer? At Harvest Church Singapore's evangelistic meeting, Huang Qishan shared that a Christian singer is one who carries within herself the gospel, and her life is a conduit to transmit that message.
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