Suizhou Church Workers Visit Flood-stricken Areas

Staff of Suizhou CC&TSPM prayed in the home of a flood-hit believer in Suizhou, central China's Hubei Province, on August 16, 2021.
Staff of Suizhou CC&TSPM prayed in the home of a flood-hit believer in Suizhou, central China's Hubei Province, on August 16, 2021. (photo: Suizhou CC&TSPM)
By Wu ZhongyiAugust 23rd, 2021

From August 11 to 12, extremely heavy rainstorms caused serious flooding in Liulin Town, Sui County, Suizhou City, China's central Hubei Province.

On the second day, church co-workers in Suizhou City sent mineral water, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, masks, and other supplies to those affected by the floods. Meanwhile, CCC&TSPM (China Christian Council & Three-self Patriotic Movement) called on congregations to pray for the disaster-stricken towns, encouraging Christians to actively participate in the flood relief efforts.

On August 15, nine people from the Suizhou CC&TSPM went to Junchuan and Liulin to visit more than a dozen families of believers who were seriously affected by the disaster. Rev. Liao Haomin, president and chairman of the Suizhou CC&TSPM, sent them financial aid and relief supplies on behalf of the municipal CC&TSPM. He also comforted them with the words of the Lord, encouraged them to rebuild their homes, and prayed for their two trips to the disaster area to send messages of love. 

The homes of more than ten families of believers in Liulin Town and Junchuan Town, the hardest-hit areas, suffered losses to varying degrees. One sister’s house was destroyed by water, and her voice became hoarse with grief.

However, believers in Liulin Town managed to move a paralyzed sister from her bed before the flood hit and the bed floated. A 90-year-old lonely believer was fortunately taken to a nursing home a week before... It seemed that God's wonderful grace and arrangement brought peace to the believers in the disaster area.

On August 16, under the leadership of Rev. Liao, the co-workers of the municipal CCC&TSPM were divided into two groups and went to the flooded area for a third time to visit the believers in Hongshan and Luoyang respectively.

During the visit to Hongshan, they learned that although the house of an elderly widow had not been washed away, the roof was badly damaged due to the heavy rainstorm and was in urgent need of repair. After hearing about the situation,they entrusted local believers to ask for help. At the same time, the co-workers also brought quilts, food, and some money for the elderly widow. This elderly sister was very grateful with praise to God and thannks to the Lord for His display of love.

In another sister’s home, the co-workers also received a testimony of gratitude: when the water reached her house that sits near the river, she did not panic but prayed urgently and constantly, and by the grace of God the house did not take heavy damage.

In Luoyang, an elderly man’s house was damaged by the heavy rainstorm, in urgent need of repair. Often falling ill, the old co-worker of a local church had quite a difficult life because his wife had mental disorders  The visiting group sent aid supplies and prayed for him.

The group walked through the mud, wind, and rain. The church car could not access certain locations, so they were forced to take other vehicles. After visiting and comforting some families, night had begun to fall, so the group went to the temporary shelters in the disaster area to get boxed meals to satisfy their hunger and to simulate the experiences of the people in the disaster area.

A news report launched on the Hubei channel of the People's Daily app on Aug 15 titled "The CPPCC System in Suizhou Takes the Lead in the Rescue and Disaster Relief" mentioned that "the Zengdu District CC&TSPM donated masks, mineral water, instant noodles, crisp noodles, biscuits, and other urgently needed supplies to Hedian Town". 

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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