"Smallest Church" in Guizhou to be Relocated, A Choice in Dilemma

The current place of the "Smallest" Gospel Church
The current place of the "Smallest" Gospel Church (photo: GospelTimes.cn)
By Cindy ZhangDecember 27th, 2016

The high-profile "smallest church" in Guizhou has been relocated in a private house with an area of 40 m in November, while the local believers claim this is the only choice in a dilemma situation.

This June a photo gallery about the "smallest church," covering an area of only some 10 m2, published on online news-sites, attracted much attention. It's called Mountain-Foot-Tree Gospel Church, situated in Dapuzi Village, Duanjiang Town, Liupanshui.

Former Gospel Church
The Former Gospel Church.(Credit: photo provided to CCD) 

CCD confirmed the church area with one of the church staff on July 1 and was told that behind the tiny chapel there was another house that could hold 70 or 80 people, made of colored steel tiles with the area of about 80 m2. Over the past year, the church requested the local authority to deal with the relocation issue for multiple times. This July a photo circulating on the Internet showed that all the buildings around the chapel were demolished. On Aug 5, there was a trouble for the congregation that the way to enter the chapel was blocked by huge mounds of dirt around it.

Sister Hu from the church said, "We want to build a new church, while the current situation is that we have no land or enough money. Most of the congregation are seniors who live on subsistence allowances and pensions. We can only pray God to make a way for us. "

Regarding the relocation in November, Hu tells CCD, "Many believers were not comfortable when we moved in. Although the former place was worn-out, owning a (total) area of around 100 m2, the current place which has just 40 m2 is only used for services. There is no cooking area on Christmas. " Moreover, the new gathering place cannot be expanded. Being disappointed, the believers still have faith and hope for a larger church in the future.

"We have to pray and trust in God to prepare a new place." One of the church staff says, "Thank the Lord and all the believers. Please continue to pray for us and ask God for guidance. God will lead us and nothing is too hard for him." 

Translated by: Karen Luo

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