Banned in Pakistan, Registration of Company Chinese Missionaries Worked for

 Meng Li Si and Li Xinheng who were abducted on May 24 in Quetta, the capital city of Baluchistan province in Pakistan
Meng Li Si and Li Xinheng who were abducted on May 24 in Quetta, the capital city of Baluchistan province in Pakistan
By Ruth WangAugust 1st, 2017

A report of the Nation claimed on Wednesday that after two Chinese citizens were killed by the Islamic State last June, the Pakistan Ministry of Interior ordered the cancellation of visas for all people related to ARK, the two preachers' employer. The ministry also canceled the registration of the company, according to the report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

A Pakistan newspaper stated, "A spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior said that, as a first step, the ministry has canceled visas for all foreign nationals associated with ARK Info Tech, a Korean Company, and they have been asked to leave the country. It has also been decided to cancel the registration of the company."

Last May, a group of Chinese citizens, including the two abducted people, entered Pakistan after getting business visas as employees of ARK from the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing. On May 24, Meng Li Si, 26, and Li Xinheng were kidnapped in Quetta, the capital city of Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan. Pakistan confirmed the deaths of the two Chinese nationals abducted by the Islamic State on Monday, claiming that they were preachers who were 24 and 26, according to the latest report of Reuters released on June 12, 2017.

Since the incident concerned foreign citizen's security, the country investigated the company and related visas.

The report said, "(The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali) Khan said the government must work on keeping visitors secure but also appeared to try to shift the blame for the security lapse onto the Chinese nationals, saying they should have informed the authorities of their activities.

'The Minister observed that it is highly unfortunate that a misuse of the terms of (the) business visa contributed to the unfortunate incident of abduction and subsequent murder of two innocent Chinese,' the ministry said."

A report from the Express Tribune of Pakistan revealed that the investigation showed that the two Chinese citizens said that they studied Urdu in the Korean ARK company. In last June the Interior Ministry canceled the visa of the Korean operator of the company. It also demonstrated that the Korean went to Pakistan with a business visa and established an Urdu academy involved in illegal preaching activities.  

-Translated by Karen Luo

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