Testimony of 'Good Samaritan' Story That Happened in Northeast China

A picture shows a man giving water to a beggar.
A picture shows a man giving water to a beggar. (photo: pexels.com)
By Steve Sun September 16th, 2022

Editor's note: A newly graduated secondary school student mistakenly entered a pyramid scheme. After escaping from the pyramid scheme, he accidentally entered a black factory. He escaped again, but he was caught this time and severely beaten. Losing his memory, he was left outside the factory gate. A half-year after waking up, he had become a beggar.  A sister preacher J (pseudonym) encountered him, not only giving him food but also inviting him to read the book of Proverbs. After ten minutes, God healed the young man's mind and consciousness, his memory was instantly restored. 

Sister J's story is similar to the Good Samaritan story in the Bible. She said, "This brother's name was Ma Aiyou (a pseudonym), and when he was in his early 30s, he went to work in Beijing and joined a pyramid scheme. They confiscated all his ID cards and kept brainwashing him and giving them training. When he found out that something was wrong, he escaped. After he left the pyramid scheme, he accidentally entered a black factory where he had only steamed buns for his meal with poor living conditions, and couldn't go outside. He was held captive for two years." 

She continued, "He escaped, but was caught, beaten so severely that he lost memory, lost his ability to work, and was kicked out of the factory. He walked from Beijing to a small city in Heilongjiang Province. The temperature in the winter there is minus 40 degrees. Then he became a beggar. In the daytime, he asked for food in the mall, and at night, he lived in the telephone booth." 

"A beggar with memory loss came to me on the third day after the opening of my restaurant, he went to another restaurant to ask for buns. They didn't give him any, so he came to my restaurant, and I remembered the Bible. Jesus said, "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Then I believed that this beggar was a noble guest to me, so I invited him to eat." 

"The man was dirty, wearing a women's down coat, 1.8 meters tall, and scruffy bearded. I made hot noodles for him, and he ate until he was full and sweating. Because he had memory loss, he didn't know anything. I found a man from the neighborhood next door, took him to shower, then I bought him two items of clothing, paid for his haircut and a shave, and then I said, 'Come to eat every day,' and he did." 

Sister J testified with emotion, "He looked stupid, but he worked hard for me here sweeping the floor. One day he went out to a boss doing cold meat shipping business and said, 'I want to work here,' and the boss said, 'You fool, I don't want you.' But in the end, he did such a good job that the boss gave him 100 yuan and he came back with 100 yuan in salary and gave it to me." 

"One day I took the Bible to him and I asked him to come and read the book of Proverbs, and he was a secondary school graduate and read Proverbs very well, and after ten minutes of reading, I asked him, 'Do you understand this sentence?' He said, 'I understand,' and I asked him, 'And where is your home?' In an instant, his memory came back and he said, 'My name is Ma Aiyou, Sichuan Province, a village in Zizhong County, Neijiang City, and I am 37 years old.' I contacted the related government office, and they sent four people here to take him back to his hometown as soon as his memory returned,” Sister J added.   

She concluded that his mother had not seen her son for six years and thought he was dead. Brother Ma's wife left without notice and his son suffered from depression. After he came home, his son also recovered and is now a chef extraordinaire in a culinary school, and now this brother drives a cab and can earn 4,000 yuan a month. They also attended church together in his hometown.

- Translated by Richard Zou

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