Lecture: Victory in Workplace Seen through Joshua

Learn from the characters of the Bible to win in the workplace
Learn from the characters of the Bible to win in the workplace (photo: CCD contributor:Jiaen)
By Abigal Wu May 15th, 2020

"The promise of God for today is that if he asks something of us, he will also give us the ability to carry out the work that he has called us to. The Spirit of God will give you the wisdom needed to deal with problems whether they are logistical or interpersonal in nature."

On Wednesday evening, May 6,  the WeChat account named "Life of Northeast China Theological Seminary" launched a live broadcast with a lecture about how to win in the workplace.

In this first episode, Pastor Zhang Zhongqiu was invited to give a sermon on the theme entitled "The Workplace as Seen through Biblical characters," based on Joshua 1: 1-9. From the time Joshua became the leader of a new generation of Israelis, he guided the people to see God at work where they lived and worked and to rely on God to be strong and courageous.

The live broadcast shared three main points:

"Believe in the promise of God; be strong and courageous."

First of all, he pointed out that God will definitely give each of us work. When God gives you a position, he will be fully responsible for you, and he also gives us enough wisdom and ability to complete the work. The Spirit of God will fill us. When limited people are filled with the infinite Holy Spirit, the power of God is manifested. And as Christians, we must do our work to best of our ability so we may glorify God.

"Learn and obey God's law; we can be strong and courageous."

Pastor Zhang said that Joshua had to learn God's law in order to know how to deal with civil and administrative issues and carry out things in accordance with the laws and regulations. Joshua also needed to nourish his own spiritual life through God's words, which would help him to be strong and brave. And we also should obey God’s will. We should think about his words and digest them so they will be a part of our lives so that we can obey.

"Listen to God's instructions; be strong and courageous."

Pastor Zhang proposed that when Joshua heard God say three times that he should be strong and courageous, he was not afraid. He grew in strength and began to solve the internal problems of the people. When fear reigns in our hearts, we can’t go out. If we are ruled by an enemy who is camped all around us, we should not be afraid. Today if we turn to God, we will be able to control the environment we are in. The spirit of God comes by his words to strengthen us so that we can fear no more. And through God, we are able to prevail no matter the environment in which we find ourselves.

The pastor concluded by saying that no matter what difficulties we have, whether we are going to be employed, or if we are already employed, or facing a new position, or being a housewife at home, no matter what, please don’t let your first reaction be fear. You should be strong and courageous, always relying on God.

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