Christian Singer G.E.M. Marks 13th Anniv. of Debut With Outdoor Performance

G.E.M. (photo: G.E.M.)
By Christine Lau July 16th, 2021

Christian singer G.E.M. posted a video and a long article on social media in celebration of her 13th anniversary of debut.

On July 10th, the Hong Kong celebrity said that she was shocked to hear everyone singing together outdoors and was looking forward to a new tour. 

She wrote on social media, "It has been 13 years since I debuted. The celebration of today was a long-awaited outdoor performance. To be honest, it has been a long time since I felt the shock of an outdoor chorus of 20,000 people. I almost cried when we sang 'Light Years Away', because the singing was so loud."

"So I impromptu cued the audience again and sang 'Away', 'Painting', 'Bubble'... Then everyone sang loudly and in chorus. I really want to start the tour soon. Woohoo! Then, we sang 'Full Stop', 'Loving You'. The singing got louder and louder. I am so excited now. I only want to say that I am so happy to celebrate my 13th anniversary like this! It is fantastic to be alive!", she added. 

Some fans left messages to wish G.E.M. a happy 13th anniversary:

"Happy debut, my sister!"

"You are the light, shinning our night. Tonight, your fans got together for you. Happy 13th anniversary of debut!"

"Baby, no matter what you encounter in the future, there will always be a group of people who love you and support you unconditionally. Wish you can always be simple and pure. Thank you for your music. You deserve the best love in the world."

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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