'Limitless' Season 2 Rumors & Cancellation News: Bradley Cooper Trying To Save Show

'Limitless' Season 2 Rumors & Cancellation News: Bradley Cooper Trying To Save Show
'Limitless' Season 2 Rumors & Cancellation News: Bradley Cooper Trying To Save Show (photo: Screencap)
By Yves Matthew AmodiaSeptember 8th, 2016

The cancellation of "Limitless" season 2 surprised many earlier as the show had decent numbers in ratings. "Limitless" season 2, which would have served as a sequel to the 2011 movie of the same name, is currently being shopped to networks by executive producer and recurring actor Bradley Cooper.

There Is Hope For "Limitless" Season 2

It can be remembered that the airing of "Limitless" season 2 has been cancelled earlier this year even when the show had moderately high numbers in the ratings game. Fellow CBS program "Supergirl" was also axed but thankfully, the CW saved it and added it to their roster of superhero shows based on DC Comics properties.

According to FX Newscall, Bradley Cooper is doing his best for a network to buy the rights to "Limitless" season 2. Rumor has it the most likely the candidates that will buy the show are Showtime and the CW. Our biggest bet is on the CW as the nature of the show - partly genre fare, partly comedy-drama - would fit right in with the channel's network fare that includes "Jane The Virgin," "Crazy Ex Girlfriend," "iZombie" and "The Vampire Diaries."

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With negotiations ongoing, it will be a busy few weeks for Cooper as the actor is now also currently preparing for his directorial debut. It will be the fourth remake of classic movie "A Star Is Born," where he will also star with pop superstar Lady Gaga, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"A Star Is Born" is currently in pre-production and will most likely be reach theaters in late 2017 in tiem for the awards season while the premiere of "Limitless" season 2 is still not confirmed. China Christian Daily will be posting more spoilers and news on "Limitless" season 2 in the coming weeks.

Are you excited for "Limitless" season 2? How do you think will its previous cancellation affect the quality of the show should it be brought back? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, watch the teaser preview for the first season of "Limitless" in the video below.

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